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Arillas bay lies in the north-western corner of Corfu island.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries Arillas was one of many poor villages to be found throughout Corfu. Many men had a small boat and used it for fishing. Apart from that, people lived on what their vegetable gardens could provide and depended on the olive trees that provided oil, olives and wood for heating in winter. Chickens, goats and sheep were kept for eggs, milk and feta cheese, and the women used to gather wild greens (horta) to supplement their diet.


In the 1950s many men left the village and went to work in America or Western Europe, and many of them came back home years later with a little capital.


1970 marked the beginning of a new era for Arillas as the first hotel was built and tourists started arriving. The first mini market appeared, the village café was renovated and expanded, a second hotel and some apartments were built and Arillas started to grow and to become what it is now - a friendly resort where tourists are heartily welcomed.








If you need a nice quiet resort, with a long sandy beach and a picturesque sunset, then Arillas is the perfect beach resort for you. Arillas is centred on a small attractive resort reached by a road twisting down from a lush valley.  The main road runs alongside the beach and the people are wonderful. There is no through road so very little traffic. Tavernas line the beach, enough to choose a different place each night, and you will find your favourites.

Arillas resort is popular with families and couples looking for a small modest resort with the emphasis on beach relaxation with the occasional trip into the surrounding countryside. The resort has a certain quiet and sheltered feel, this being the furthest north of the west coast Corfu destinations.

A long, broad promenade with restaurants and cafes runs along the sea front. Each restaurant has its own specialty - fresh fish grilled on charcoal, Corfiot specialties such as bourdeto, softrito and pastitsada, grilled meats and kebabs, as well as European and more exclusive dishes, all of them served with a smile and a chat.

The countryside surrounding Arillas is ideal for lovely long walks, especially in the cooler months of May and June or September and October. To the north it’s just a short climb over the hills to the bay of Agios Stefanos. To the south you can climb to Afionas, a small hill village with one of the best sunsets on the island and a view of the mountains of Albania and the Diapontian Islands plus the small uninhabited islands off the north-west coast of Corfu. Or you can walk inland, where paths take you through olive groves, cypresses, orange trees and a wide variety of wild herbs and flowers including various types of orchid - a paradise for photographers.



Beach guide:

The awarded with the blue flag beach Arillas beach is a beautiful beach pleasantly set in a bay between headlands and cliffs. Arillas beach offers good safe swimming as the water is very shallow and the beach is mostly golden sand.


Other beaches near Arillas worth visiting are:

  • Agios Georgios Pagon (15 minutes drive)
  • Agios Stefanos North (10 minutes drive)
  • Porto in Afionas (10 minutes drive & 20 minutes walking)



Activities and Options:

Arillas has all the facilities you would expect from a tourist resort...

  • Car Rental
  • Bike, Quad and Mountain Bike Rental
  • Boat And Windsurfing
  • Travels to Corfu Island, Albania, Paxos, Parga
  • Boat Travels to Diapontian Islands (Sidari area)
  • SuperMarkets
  • ATM
  • Doctor
  • Free WiFi Hotspots
  • Exchange




Arillas nightlife is restricted to a selection of taverns and a few bars. Not many but real fun. Not a hectic pace, just the opposite. Depends what teenagers want but no discos, etc. But, a couple of nice cocktail bars, karaoke in one and entertainment fairly regularly. Very much a couples place, lie on the beach all day and watch the sunset from the restaurants at night. For a vivid night out Sidari village it’s a must!



Location and Transfer Information:

Arillas is at the northern end of the west coast of Corfu Island and 32 miles from Corfu Town, port and airport.

There is Bus to Corfu Town

*07:00 Arillas - Corfu Town

*14:00 Corfu Town - Arillas

The Driving distance from Corfu Town it's about 45 minutes and a taxi normally will cost you 50-60 euros one way.


•    Agios Stefanos North: 4 km

•    Agios Georgios pagon: 5 km

•    Sidari: 14 km

•    Roda: 20 km

•    Acharavi: 24 km

•    Kassiopi: 30 km


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